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About the e-program

One of the major focuses of e-Encounter is to reflect on the meaning of working for justice rather than working for charity, understanding one’s role as a global citizen, and humanizing the different issues present in our societies.

The El Salvador e-Encounter is an in-depth learning experience for anyone wanting to learn about El Salvador. A typical e-Encounter is five days long with three sessions every day, and offer participants the opportunity to have conversations with different speakers, grassroots organization leaders, rural community members, and youth groups, to learn and humanize about:


And its root causes

Climate Change

And the impact it is having in the Central American region

Economic Inequalities

And social inequalities

Women’s Rights

And how empowerment changes the community

Human Rights

And fight for basic freedoms

Historic Memory

And how learning from our past shapes the future

Civil War

And the post-war era changes


And its importance in how one carries out dialogues and actions about issues affecting our societies

The e-Encounter gives particular emphasis to the voice and experience of the poor and marginalized communities of El Salvador. Participants learn directly from the Salvadoran people and engage in reflections at the end of each day. Taking our inspiration from St. Oscar Romero, we want to give voice to the voiceless. This emphasis will form the core of the experience.

These experiences promote faith, solidarity, justice, dignity, and personal, spiritual, and social transformation through mutual accompaniment.

It is our conviction that needed social and political change can best be achieved through intercultural understanding and cooperation.

2021 e-Encounters

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