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CRISPAZ Strategy

Crispaz 5 Year Strategy

El Salvador is changing. So is CRISPAZ.
2022 Peace Awards

2022 Peter Hinde CRISPAZ Peace Award

Marie Dennis  will receive the Peter Hinde CRISPAZ Peace Award 2022 for her work in promotion of Peace through

The Peter Hinde CRISPAZ Peace Award 2021

Casa de la Solidaridad (usually referred to simply as “Casa”) will receive the Peter Hinde CRISPAZ Peace Award 2021

2020 CRISPAZ Peace Award Honorees

Sr. Betty Campbell and Fr. Peter Hinde, O.Carm will be honored with the 2020 CRISPAZ Peace Award.

Building Relationships in El Salvador

Mei Lin McElhill ’20 reflects on the ISP trip to El Salvador and how it challenged her.

Mission Moment – Canisius College

A delegation from Canisius College embarked on an immersion experience in El Salvador.
John J. Hurley

My View: Lessons in compassion on a trip to El Salvador

Man’s inhumanity to man is a recurrent theme in literature and sadly, in real life.
Catholic Outlook Screenshot

Catholic Outlook Online Magazine: Students gain new perspective on border issues

Ohio voters may have favored a more restricted approach to immigrations in 2016, but for 17 students from John

El Salvador immersion an eye-opener for Mt. Lebanon resident

Access to the Internet, as you might imagine, is somewhat limited in El Salvador.